“I’ve never known my daughter be so consistently enthusiastic about an after school club not to mention one that helps to give her such valuable creative skills.” Cordelia

“I really enjoy All Write Now because it’s a really fun way to learn how to write interesting stories.  I also like it because it’s fun and you learn new text types.” Martha, aged 8

“My daughter not only adores her All Write Now classes but they have inspired her to start writing poetry for fun at home. Highly recommended - they really know how to make writing fun”. Mary

“All Write Now is a place where you can be free and improve your writing. The teachers are lovely and full of clever, interesting ways to help you create a great story and boost your confidence. We wrote a story together and it was made into a book, which everyone in my class wants to read! Everyone should come to All Write Now!” Jemima, aged 9

“Clementine loved the All Write Now creative writing club. The class was brilliantly organised and always inspiring, with a different focus each week. Lily and Kinvara encouraged the children individually as well as in collaborative groups, so that each child felt equally involved and the class was always fun. The final book was a delight to read and allowed the children to see their work beautifully presented. A highlight for Clementine was meeting the visiting illustrator and getting to work on some of the drawings alongside the story. She is enormously excited to be coming back for a second term to work on another tale!” Amy