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After school clubs


The children will explore the key elements that contribute to interesting, original storytelling. In each session, there will be a writing exercise / game that will focus on themes such as ‘showing not telling’, dialogue, tone, style and editing both individually and as a group. 

This term (Summer term) in All Write Now we were gained inspiration for our collaborative story from Shakespeare.

Each group chose a Shakespeare story to focus on and created their own, truly original version. There were some very imaginative stories produced by the groups, based on Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet. All the children contributed to the writing and illustrations and took a copy of their wonderful books home to read to friends and family!

By using dynamic writing games and story prompts we have examined principles of style, plot, voice, tone, setting, and character development. We used a variety of creative warm up games and writing exercises during the term with the aim of making sentences more varied through the use of unusual adjectives and adverbs and giving the writers tools to make original sentences with increased confidence.

If your child would like to join us next term, please have a look at the calendar page for further information or email us at;


Holiday sessions


Holiday workshops are two hours of fun and creativity. Each session will have a theme and children will work in small groups and on their own to develop their story writing techniques.

We are running two workshops on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd July at 10am - 12pm .

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"My son has really blossomed during the course of this term and has grown in confidence in both his writing and imagination skills.  He came to the group a reluctant creative, but leaves a much bolder writer and keen to return for another term."

(parent from Summer term club 2018)


My son went to All Write Now for a term. He looked forward to it as a sort of play date where he learnt some very useful creative writing tools and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. A brilliant combination!

Joanna Carey, Illustrator